Havens for the Broke Ass Part 2

Havens for the Broke Ass 
Part 2

When it comes to thrifty shopping, scouring the internet is a great place to find great deals. But in my experience some of the best pieces I ever found actually came from someplace else... Resale/Consignment shops and thrift stores like Goodwill.
Now, I live in L.A., so I understand that this EXACT list will be of use to only a portion of you. BUT FEAR NOT! For they are all chains, and they all have the same rules! So just follow my lead, and I will show you the way of the Broke Ass Shopaholic. ;)

Photo courtesy of goodwill.org

Goodwill is a non-profit organization that accepts donations from the pubic and then sells those items at their independent retail thrift stores across the USA and Canada in order to raise money for charity. 
Now, the reason why I mention Goodwill is because it is the thrift store of all thrift stores! In other words, it is the ultimate dumping ground where one girl's trash can become another girl's treasure... And for CHEAP. I once found an ultra-rare Mulberry for Target, Black Patent Purse that now retails on ebay.com for $150, for $3! 
Now, I'm not saying that you will find something uber-valuable EVERY time you go to someplace like Goodwill. It takes some serious determination and luck to find those rare items. But if you are willing to put in the time and effort, I CAN tell you how you can increase your chances...  

Which brings me to my Rules for Thrift Stores
First: Go on the weekend. Even better if you can make it on a Friday. Most people find the time to drop off their unneeded items on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, so that's usually when a lot of Goodwill's inventory for the week comes in. And in my experience, it's best to go on Friday evening, because by then they will have most of it on the floor. And second: Go to thrift stores that are closer to wealthier areas. Often times the wealthier the residents are the more interested they are in just donating whatever it is they don't want than trying to make a profit. Which means more great stuff for us. ;)

If you would like to shop Goodwill too, you can use their locator, HERE.  

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