Havens for the Broke Ass Part 1

When it comes to thrifty shopping, scouring the internet is a great place to find great deals. But in my experience some of the best pieces I ever found actually came from someplace else... Resale/Consignment shops and thrift stores like Goodwill.

Now, I live in L.A., so I understand that this EXACT list will be of use to only a portion of you. BUT FEAR NOT! For they are all chains, and they all have the same rules! So just follow my lead, and I will show you the way of the Broke Ass Shopaholic. ;)

Crossroads Trading Co.
Photo Courtesy of crossroadstrading.com
First thing's first: Crossroads Trading Company. Crossroads is a resale/consignment shop that specializes in selling new and gently-used clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for women and men. Now the reason why I ADORE them is because they are the best place to find designer clothing for CHEAP. I'm talking pennies here, people. I once bought a pair of like-new Lucky Jeans with a retail price of $130 for $18 bucks! And since they are a resale/consignment shop, they also BUY clothing from you that they think they can sell in the store. And you know what that means: STORE CREDIT. So all of those amazing pieces you just found just got even cheaper. :)
Now,  I've been to 4 different Crossroads in California, (including Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and two in Los Angeles) and I'm going to be honest with you - some are better than others. Which makes sense, because different people from different areas are going to have different clothes, so depending on where you go the items in the store will vary.

Which brings me to My Rule for Resale: if you are looking for a resale/consignment shop that carries more gently used and/or high-end brands, go to a shop that is near either a university campus or a wealthy area of the city. You will have more luck.

If you would like to shop Crossroads too, they have a list of their locations HERE

Hope this helps! Stay tuned for Part 2!

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