LookBook #10: Tough

Denim Vest and Coral Shorts:
Converted Jacket: Stradivarius from Crossroads Trading Co.
(That's right, my vest used to look like this!) - $13. 
Top: Kirra from TJ Maxx - $6. 
Shorts: On Sale at Old Navy - $10. 
Shoes: Madden Girl on Sale at Macy's - $30. 
Necklace: Designer Unknown (I bought it at a yard sale a 
few years ago... for only a dollar!) - $1. 
Bracelet: On Sale at Mango (Well, when I say "On Sale," what I mean is 
the assistants couldn't find a price for my exact bracelet in their system.
 So what they did was find another bracelet that was smaller, but still looked 
similar, to mine and charged me its amount. The end result was that I likely 
paid half as much as I should have... ;) ) - $12. 
Athena Ring: Ebay - $10. 
Bag: Mulberry for Target (For those who don't know, Mulberry is a 
well respected designer brand from Europe that sells the most classic and 
beautiful handbags retailing for a quite the pretty penny. So it was no surprise 
that when Mulberry did a line of purses for Target they sold out almost 
immediately. This caused their value to literally SKYROCKET on Ebay
 - my bag's design in particular was going for $100+! Guess how much 
I paid for my new gorgeous black patent purse at 
my local Goodwill...) - $3.

Total Cost of Outfit: $85


Striped Dress and Pink Blazer:
Dress: H&M - $18. 
Blazer: H&M - $25. 
Shoes: On Sale at American Eagle - $9. 
Sunglasses: Sprint/IGN (I got these for free while working at the 2011 
Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for the more video game savvy
 readers ;) ) The only catch was that I had to "sample" the (at the time)
 new Spring 3D Evo; in other words, I poked at a phone for about 30
 seconds to a minute, gave it back to the girl at the booth, and
 then stuck my hand out asking for my free glasses. It 
was easier than opening up a Christmas present!) - FREE
Tights: H&M - $10. 
Ring: Forever 21 - $3. 
Earrings: ALDO - $5. 
Watch: RUBR (I found this funky little thing through a Refinery 29 offer,
 where you spend $15 and get $25 on RUBR's website. It was such a steal,
 I couldn't resit! And the best part is Refinery 29 give our offers like this
 almost every single day, both for well-known brands and slightly
 less-known ones as well (like RUBR!))- $15.

Total Cost of Outfit: $85

Photography Courtesy of Andrew Hengl

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