Guest Designer: Natty Paint!

Photos Courtesy of NattyPaint.com

Say Hello to Our First-Ever Designer Guest: 
 Emily Li Mandri of NATTY PAINT!

About The Designer
Emily is an Art History major who graduated 
from the NYU Stern School of Business and a 
self-taught print-maker and silkscreener. Her
 fashion career began soon after she 
graduated undergrad, when she decided to 
start silkscreening her original designs onto
 T-shirts and selling them at local festivals
 and fairs to make a little extra money out 
of college. She has since become a 
well-respected designer in Baltimore, where 
she has won Best of Baltimore Designer and 
been featured on the cover of City Paper. She
 has recently made the move to New York City
 where she continues to develop her company. 
She is currently the CEO and creative genius 
behind Natty Paint, where she continues to 
make her original prints as well as own 
clothing designs.

 About Natty Paint
The name “Natty Paint” is a nod to the
 company’s Baltimore origins. “Natty” comes
 from an abbreviation of a popular beer in 
Baltimore known as “National Bohemian” or
 “Natty Boh," which also happens to mean 
"fashionable." And the word “Paint" is an 
homage to the company's creative origins -
 Emily used paint to create Natty Paint's 
first patterns!

Natty Paint has been around for three years 
now and is currently based in Greenpoint, 
Brooklyn, where the company continues to 
Better keep your eyes peeled guys, this 
girl’s bent on success!

Places You May Have Seen Her Work
Her work has been seen in Rolling Stone, 
Seventeen, and Time Out New York. It has also
 been worn by popular performers such as 
Yelle, Justice, Rye Rye, MIA, Oh Land!, 
Rooney, Neon Indian, James Franco, Lucy Liu,
 and Brie Larson. 

A Little BA Shopaholic Exclusive 
Info For You
She is currently previewing her 
collection for Fall/Winter on her website at

When the items become available they will be 
sold at WHOLESALE PRICE, which means the items
 will be HALF the cost they would be if a 
chain or a store were to pick them up.

Getting In Touch
You can follow Natty Paint on their Tumblr

Current Events
Natty Paint is currently in the process of
 being considered for Living Social and 
Chase's "Mission: Small Business" Grant, 
worth $250K. They need 250 votes to qualify
 and they're currently at only 80 votes. Can
 you help them out? It's quick and easy!

Click HERE, then click the "log in & support
 button." At the bottom of the next page type
 "Natty Paint" for the business name, and 
click "search." When "Natty Paint" comes up
 click the "Support" button and then you can
 even share you voted.

Voting is now closed. Thanks for all 
the support, guys!

And finally, from all of us here at BA
 Shopaholic, we just want to say a big thank
 you to Natty Paint! It's been a pleasure.
 And good luck with everything!
(Not that you need it ;))

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